The Art Of Being A Woman

Our journey together

Are you ready to unlock your inner feminine power

Are you ready to let go of the fear of what others may say?

Are you ready to step into your power and be the woman you always wanted?


You will have to let go of the unnecessary and toxic things, thoughts, people and places. Yes, you are scared. I know. You are allowed to embrace your fears. I am here with you. I am holding the space for you. I know, you are sensitive.Yet POWERFUL.

Natalia Vaduva

Some roads we take alone. Some we take with others. 


Dalia M.

Student - London

During The Art Of Being A Woman sessions I came to understand that it is our resistance of love that keeps us in the dark and we stay stuck in patterns that keep us from evolving. Releasing the old mind pattern and replacing it to a new one takes practice and I am beyond grateful to Natalia for helping me surrender my oneself to the universe and get my freedom from fear and anxiety.

When I began to accept my power and be in union with the energy of the universe, my life started to flow naturally, incredible synchronicity presented and I experienced safety and security.

Today I no longer resist my feminine power and emotions, having faith that the loving energy of the universe is available to me all the time.

Topics of our journey

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free yourself

Attitude is everything

Walk like you mean it. Talk like you mean it. Dance like you mean it. Love like you mean it.


African Woman Site 5.jpg

The taste of your body

Enjoy the round shapes of your body

Embrace your imperfections as uniquenesses. Shape your mind. Shape your word. Shape your action. Shape your body. Make out of your body your best friend.


African Woman Site 6.jpg

Be love

Love yourself first

Married or single, it doesn't matter. Children or no children, it doesn't matter. Boss or no boss, it doesn't matter. You are the most important person in your life.

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Be a goddess every moment of the day

This is why women in the past used to make themselves beautiful the moment they woke up. This was the habit of the queens. 



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Be mysterious

Use your eyes more and your mouth less. Choose your words wisely. Words create reality.



feminine intuition

Never say NO to an intuition

It is said that the prayer is the call we give to God. It is also said that the intuition is the call God gives to us.




Feel rich

Abundance is normality 

You deserve the best. Talk to your money. It will tell you where it wants to go and where not.



Love your emotions

Let your emotions guide you

Too many times we have been said that us, women are emotionally driven. We also thought this was bad. It is a myth. Our emotions are our best guide.  




Be attractive

You have to Do in order to Have. You have to Be in order to Do. Just be attractive. Attract people, opportunities and money.


feminine power

Show your sensitiveness 

If you want to win in front of a man, use your feminine power: sensitivity, sensuality & beauty. Don't use your manly power. A man will always have more manly power than you.



Mattera changing women's lives


Mara T.

Film Director - London

The Art Of Being A Woman is one of the best things I did for myself and Natalia is one of the most gifted and inspiring people I know. I truly believe in her great talent of seeing through people. If you are looking to either heal your heart, define your goals or create a life beyond old limitations, I highly recommend Mattera - The Art Of Being A Woman.

At the end of each session, you feel like you took an amazing journey into your inner world. And it brought you closer to your true self. It's a magical process and I am grateful to Natalia for sharing her compassionate wisdom.

The journey is different for everyone and you are the master of your own journey. 

During our journey:

  • Face all your fears. Yes, it's ok. Now is the time.

  • You will let go of all the toxic things, thoughts, people and places in your life.

  • You will discover your feminine inner power that leads you from the inside.

  • You will connect with your true feminine power and you will learn how to let yourself be led by it.

  • Every change happens on the inside as it is said Be the change you want to see in the world. This inner change will make its appearance in your everyday life starting with your morning routine, cleaning your wardrobe, eating, talking and acting differently. In your social life, you will have people saying Wow, you've changed!

  • You will start attracting people, opportunities and money in ways that you never imagined before.

  • Your emotions will become your greatest friends and guides. This will help you clean the leftovers in your life.

  • Decisions will change into awesome, transformative life decisions that will help you explore life in a new and exciting way. You will take risks that you always wanted to take but you did not have the courage.

  • Intuition will guide you every step of the way and miracles will start happening in your life.

  • Your sensuality will be irresistible for your partner and your love life will be more intense than ever.

  • People will start listening to you and your word will be powerful.

Mihaela D.jpg

Mihaela D.

Resort Manager - Bucharest

The Art Of Being A Woman opened new doors in my life. It helped me realise that my inner self is my priority.

In a society that influences our appearance, thoughts and actions we forget who we are, what we want or what we really enjoy doing.

During The Art Of Being A Woman journey, Natalia helped me rediscover myself as a woman and made me feel empowered to change my life and be the woman I really want to be.

I highly recommend you to Embark on The Art Of Being A Woman journey and let Natalia guide you on the way of inner self discovery. You should expect your life to never be the same again!

Natalia helped me rediscover myself as a woman and made me feel empowered to change my life and be the woman I really want to be.
— Mihaela D.

Gorgeous woman, if you feel like any of the following, this journey is for you:

  • You are smart, creative and have the tendency to stand out from the crowd and you just want to be seen for what you really are.

  • You are sensitive, yet powerful and you want to reach your true inner power in a conscious way.

  • You have your own unique way of thinking but you doubt yourself.

  • You are afraid you will be powerful beyond measure and will attract everything you want in your life.

  • You don’t really know what self love really is.

  • You are afraid that your old friends will not be your friends anymore if you decide to be who you really are deep down.

  • You believe you are the only one going to this identity struggle. You are not!

  • You are outgoing, yet you prefer your time alone reading books, drinking coffee and listening to chill out music because alone you don’t have to wear any masks that will have to be accepted by others.

  • You want to reach that point where you will trust yourself more then you trust others

  • You want to become the best version of yourself.

  • You want to wear your favourite pink lipstick, short sexy black dress and high heels without thinking what others might think of you.

  • You want to make crazy passionate love to your partner because you feel crazy sexy in your skin.

  • You want to be mysterious when you want and be straight forward when you need.

I'm happy to guide you on this beautiful journey.

Natalia Vaduva

You are a queen. Your life is your kingdom. Rule it like a queen. 

Beautiful woman,

let's start this journey together by writing to me. As I want to get to know you, please answer the questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possibile.

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Be mysterious. Be sensual. Be passionate. Just be. A woman.