MATTERA philosophy

You might think that I am the creator of this beautiful manifestation tool that helps people from all over the world. I am not. I am just the channel or the vessel through which this divine idea is being materialised. 

Although some people think that life is a battle, it is actually a game of giving and receiving.
— Florence Scovel Shinn

I believe we are living a time of unity and diversity. We are waking up and realising that there is only one song, and is up to each and one of us to tune into the rhythm.

Everything is beautifully created on frequencies that we can easily choose from in our inner journey of self discovery. It’s our choice if we decide to change our lives for good and tap into the higher frequencies of consciousness or if we decide to live in pain, guilt, shame, anger or envy. 

The tools to discover our life purpose and inner power are within us. But just in case people can not find it for so many different reasons, then the beauty is that there is help all along the way if someone gets stuck or confused.

Mattera is one of these tools that helps the adventurers of life, the ones that are unsettled and know that there is so much more to be discovered, experienced, loved and changed. 

Manifest what you are designed to be and live your perfect life because you are perfectly created.
— Natalia Vaduva

The Power of Mattera

Mattera uses the feminine creative Power of Manifestation and the Power of Words. 

I am saddened to see how people tend to forget or not even realise the greatest tool in manifesting everything they desire but rather they use it in creating the lives they hate.

In a metaphysical realm, the words, so overused nowadays, are thoughts that dance along into our minds just the way they please because we have not yet understood that thoughts create reality.

All action results from thought, so is it the thoughts that matter.
— Sai Baba

Not all thoughts are ours and we are not the creators of our thoughts. We are more the receptors that tune into a certain frequency and download them from there. So please, don’t believe a thought you are having. Doubt everything until you discover the true Self.

Not only that we believe our thoughts, but we also speak them out loud and give them more power of manifesting by putting emotions into it.

Everybody talks, few communicate, and even fewer are the ones that consciously create their reality by using this beautiful tool.

The secret ingredient in this delicious dish called the Art of Manifestation is faith. Jesus said ‘If you would have faith the size of a mustard seed, you would move the mountain’.

Here I am not talking about lazy boy sofa faith. Here I am talking about active faith through actions that are in perfect alignment with thoughts and words.

This inner or cosmic integrity creates the true reality of miracles and abundance. 

In mastering this technique there will be challenges, turning points, breaking points, tears and laughter.

I am here to walk you through it no matter if your journey is about discovering perfect self expression, starting a new path in life, creating abundance or learning how to love yourself.

I have met so many people that say about themselves that are spiritual just because they are praying, meditating, or following a religious or spiritual path and believing in teachings at an intellectual level.

From my point of view, we become spiritual the moment we connect to our spiritual being while following the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.

Yes, the Universe has it’s own Laws that work perfectly in a very impersonal way that the moment we respect and follow them they become personal in manifestation creating our own lives. 

Every religion, spiritual teaching and even science say this same thing in unique ways, and also remember that there are many paths that lead the explorers to the top of the Mountain.

What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.
— Albert Einstein

One of the most beautiful and in the same time helpful gifts that we have in life are our emotions that for so long have been misunderstood, not to say misused. 

We are, or can be, rational on a conscious level, but the truth is that we keep forgetting about our subconscious life that is well structured before we are even born, and this is where all the magic of pattern programming is happening.

No matter the subject of life that you are thinking about (money, sex, relationships, jobs, raising kids, etc.), everything is linked inside of you to an emotion that most likely you are not aware of.

If you want to really change something and do it fast, then you have to identify the emotion that is connected to a certain subject of your life. 

Only after you become aware of the emotion, you can start the process of change by consciously reprogramming new patterns into the subconscious mind.


Elizabeth G.

Entrepreneur - New York

Through working with Natalia, I shifted my relationship to my life from one of fear and (trying to) control, to surrender and trust. My life's energy has completely transformed from one that felt rigid and tight, to flow. In this new way, things just work out, but better than that, every day there are new and wonderful surprises! 

Natalia is a student of working with the Universe's energy, and helping others to learn to swim with the current, instead of struggle against it. One of the most beautiful ways in which she works is by example. Her work is so aligned with her own life, that being with her is being in the presence of a deep feminine strength. Just by spending time with Natalia, I felt energetic shifts that were a result of her being. 

For me, it was truly a gift to grow and develop without over relying on intellectual analysis, but a combination and integration of deeper spiritual awareness, and intellectual work as well. Working in this way has led to more subtle, and real shifts in my life. Natalia's a special and unique force to meet. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any woman feeling pulled to connect with her own innate wisdom and inner guidance. 

Mattera helps you identify your subconscious pattern programming and then helps you reprogram your brain the way you want in order to help you design the life you love.

Think about your mind as if it were a computer, whatever you program the computer to do that is what it will do. It can not give you something that it has not been programmed. It is the same way with your mind.

The moment you will master your thoughts a new realm of life will unfold in front of your eyes.

Remember this has always been there. Now you just have the necessary updates installed in order to play new apps.

This update will give you access to worlds and interactions that you maybe never even dreamed of. A new chapter of creating consciously will start with all the exciting discoveries that come along the way.

Your life will never be the same and you will feel supported by the entire Universe in everything you do that is in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

The fear will fade away and will be replaced by love.

Control will be replaced by letting go and you will be amazed by the perfect timing of the Universe.

Hard work will be replaced by opportunities that seem to pop out from everywhere inviting you to enjoy the miracle called Life.