Welcome to La Féminité Challenge 

You are gorgeous and I love women that acknowledge their beauty. We are also powerful beyond measure, but sometimes we lack the courage to express it. 

Sometimes we don’t act like we are beautiful. Sometimes we make ourselves small so others around will feel comfortable. And in many situations, we are afraid to take the space and attention we need as women because we are afraid of what others might say.

I know. I have been there. I have walked that path. 

Not anymore. It’s time for change!

Life is a game and is our duty to learn how to play it. To master it. 

So for 14 days we will be playing La féminité Challenge to help you get in contact with you inner power, challenge your inner blockages as a woman and show you chic ways to create a beautiful life. 

During the 14 day, I will be sending you an email every 2 days. This will give you the time to actually accomplish your challenge. 

Please,just have fun with it and let it work its magic in your life!

he more women we will engage in this La féminité Challenge , the better will be: 

  • we will discover women around the world that go through exactly the same things as us
  • we will share things that we were afraid to share somewhere else
  • we will challenge our feelings, dreams and expectations
  • we will start thinking What if I start using all my power as a woman, how would my life be? 
  • We will not be the only ones thinking Is there something more inside of me and how can I know what it is and how to use it?

So please, feel free to share La féminité Challenge with the women in your life that you feel will enjoy this game, women that know there is something more inside of them but they just don’t know how to get it our there and use in their lives.


  • A 60 MINUTES ONE ON ONE SESSION with me if you Join the Facebook Group La féminité Challenge by The Art Of Being A Woman and SHARE LIVE all of your 7 challenges with the rest of the women. During this 60 MINUTES session we will talk about your experience and we can also work on something you discovered during the La féminité Challenge and you feel that is holding you back in your journey as a woman. I would love to see you shine in this life and use all your power!
  • A 90 MINUTES GROUP SESSION if you Join the Facebook Group La féminité Challenge by The Art Of Being A Woman and SHARE LIVE at LEAST 3 of your challenges with the rest of the women. During this 90 MINUTES session we will talk together with the other women about their experience during La féminité Challenge and how we can embrace our fears and step into our feminine power. Life begins where fears ends, someone once said!
  • The chance to join the Facebook Group La féminité Challenge by The Art Of Being A Woman and be part of a wonderful community. 
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