So many women around the world get to this question at least once in their life. 

Of course, we are being taught to take care of others and to sacrifice ourselves for our kids, husbands or parents. This is normality. 

And if we choose something else, if we choose ourselves, we look selfish in front of others. We are being misunderstood.

So what do we do? What do we choose?

There is a time in life when we just go with the flow of society and what is “normal”. We just look around and do what we see, more or less. We just want to fit in. 

Then it comes a time when we understand this is the only life we’ve got. It is our responsibility to live the best way we understand how. We start to become “selfish”. 

Once this thought is in our minds and we understand how precious life really is, we start playing the What If game in our imagination: we travel the world, build the best business, buy the perfect dress, wear amazing make up every day and so on. We can't go back to our previous lives. We just can't.

And then it comes a moment when we look into our life, in the mirror, in our wardrobe and ask ourselves When have I become exactly what i did not want?.

We look at ourselves and see no attraction. We see no life. No joy.

Life, beauty, satisfaction are all the small things adding up. It is about all the little things we do every day as women to love ourselves that change our lives. 

I look around at women and see them wearing their best dress or their amazing lipstick only when they go out. They don’t have this habit at home when they are alone. 

Most of you would ask What is the point in looking gorgeous when I am home alone and just reading the newspaper or working online?

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This is exactly one small thing we can do every day to transform our lives. 

This is one small thing that will make us feel like queens.

We will feel beautiful and powerful every single day and whatever we will create that day (bake a cake, write a blog post, talk to your client and so on) we will do it from that state of power and beauty.

We will pour into our work our creativity, beauty and sensuality. We will send into the world our power and inspiration through our actions. 

And of course, we will just shine. We will look in the mirror and just love what we see. We will fall in love with ourselves every day. Isn’t that wonderful?

How do you make yourself beautiful every day and step into your power?