Did it ever happen to you to do something beautiful, relaxing and healthy for yourself that would just make you feel good, nourished, sensual like a goddess? And did you ever forget to do that thing again even if it made you feel so good the first time?

Yes, I believe most women have been in this situation. We forget to love ourSelves, our inner self.

But why do we forget to love ourSelves?

Yes, forget like in ‘sometimes we remember’. And yes, this means that sometimes we love our inner Self. If we didn’t, at all, we would not be here today. Love, Self love is the one holding us alive on this planet. Make no mistake. 

Reason #1 | We don’t know what Self love really is.

As I work with women, I discover more and more a confusion between Self love and egoism. Most women claim they don’t know how to make a difference between the two. 

True. On the outside, things (actions that can be seen and perceived by others) may look the same. I don’t think we can make a statement of ‘This is Self love’ and ‘This is selfishness’ just by looking at a person without knowing the inner process inside. 

The Self is only One and is the energy that is everywhere and is spreading its love all over under different forms depending on the frequency it is vibrating on. This Self is also inside of us, helping us to breath. It is its way of loving us every second. And it doesn’t depend on us, if we are aware of it or not. This Self is there spreading the love and supporting us no matter what.

Now, what is Self love? Self love is giving back to the love that gave us life and everything in the first place. Self love is doing things that respect, nourish and protect the well being of the Self. 

How do we know we are loving the Self?

We feel good. We feel peace. We feel happy inside. We see everything flowing in our lives. 

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Reason #2 | We are not connected to ourSelves in a conscious way.

We don’t know the Self. We have experienced it every second of our lives, but this doesn’t mean we have become aware of it. We are connected to it or, better said, it is connected to us, but we are not necessarily aware of it. 

The more we connect to it, the more we discover it. The more we discover it, the more we love it. 

If we want to love ourSelves more instead of being selfish, we have to connect to the Self in a conscious way. 

Reason #3 | We don’t have a relationship with the Self.

We have to start building a relationship with it. And it is serious. This is the most beautiful relationship we can create in this life. And yes, it is not outside of us. It is inside. 

What makes a relationship a relationship? The fact that two or more entities create a connection they grow it together. 

How would you feel if your best friend that knows everything about you, that you call every time something amazing happens would not talk to you? At all or just sometimes? Would you still call that person best friend or that you are having a relationship? And yes, I am talking about healthy, loving relationships here. 

Probably not. Why? I guess you gave yourself the answer.

Yes, this is what happens with the relationship with the Self as well. The Self is there doing its part of the friendship and taking care of you and listening to all your amazing experiences, emotions, thoughts, everything. 

What about you? Do you do the same for the Self? I guess you gave yourSelf the answer.

Reason #4 | We don’t know what the Self needs.

Do you know what your best friend preferences are when they are in the need for something? Do you know what your best friend needs are when it feels lonely? 

Now, what about your Self? Do you know what it needs when it feels lonely? Do you talk to it? 

How comforting it is to know that we are never alone. That we are in harmony with our Inner Self that nurtures us. How beautiful it is to know that we can relax and just listen to our best friend. 

Yes, it’s true. The Self shares its needs with us. Let's listen.

Reason #5 | We don’t know why the Self is there and what we can do with it.

Why is the Self there?

The Self is here to guide us in this life. The Self is here to show us the way, to love us, nurture us, protect us, provide for us, teach us, open doors for us, correct us, experience this life through us. 

The Self is here to help us 'reconnect' to the Source. It is here to help us live this life in the most beautiful way. It is here to make us see the depth, beauty and magic of life. 

What can we do with it? Well, just about everything. If we believe. If we are open. 

Reason #6 | We don’t know the power, wisdom & knowledge the Self holds.

No, we don’t. The funny thing about the Self is that we give its power, wisdom and knowledge as in it makes itself seen just as much as we have the ability to see it. Funny, right? I know. 

The beauty and the depth of our relationship with the Self is up to us. It is up to how much we want to open our hearts and just love. Love is a game of giving and receiving. 

If I told you to imagine infinity, you would probably stop in your imagination at a certain point because the only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves. 

Reason #7 | We are completely unaware of what the Self can teach us.

Do you know about this diamond inside of you? Do you ever ask it to teach you something about anything? 

The complexity of this life and space gives us the possibility to always discover something new and beautiful that will just amaze us. There is so much to know and discover that it gives me shivers. 

Sometimes we feel bored, we feel down, we stop seeing the new and the beautiful. Because we stop being connected to the Self, to the Source of all this beauty around us. We stop seeing the beauty, we stop being beautiful. Being beautiful is an inner job. Being beautiful is the Inner Self. 

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Reason #8 | We are not in love with ourSelves.  

When we love something, we tend to remember or to forget that something. When we are in love be can not breath, eat, sleep, walk without thinking about the thing, person we are in love with. 

This is why we forget. Sometimes we remember. Sometimes we forget. We are not yet in love with the Self. We are not in love with our Inner Self. 

Remember a time you have experienced being in love. Do you remember the joy, the power? Do you remember looking at yourself in the mirror and just feel the most beautiful woman?

You were still you. The only thing that changed was your inner energy, the energy of life, the energy of love, the energy of the Self that you allowed to run (consciously) through you. You were glowing because you were opening your heart, you were experimenting the beauty of Life. 

Beautiful woman, let's love ourSelves. Let's fall in love with ourSelves. Let's be Love. And just see what happens. 

How is your relationship with your Self? Are you crazy in love with your Self?

Feel free to share your experience in here. I would love to know it.