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Hi! I'm Natalia and I love to read. And to manifest.

This is one of my passions and it brings me so much joy. I am as happy as a child when I discover a new good book that I know it will change my life. Sometimes I am so excited about the book I am reading that I just jump around the house.


About 15 years ago, my Psychotherapist told me that no book arrives into our lives without meaning and purpose. That we should not ignore the need to read a book as well as not force ourselves to finish a book that we don't feel like reading. This thought about books stayed with me ever since.


I remember not liking to read when I was a kid. My parents and teachers would require this from me, but I felt I was having so much going on in my head and my imagination as a kid as every book I was picking up in the attempt to read it, I just couldn't find it interesting. So I didn't read much at all. And what I did read it was because I had to, not because I chose to.  

Like many things in life, my desires and passions changed in time when I actually discovered that it was not true that I didn't like to read, but in fact I didn't like the books I was trying to read. 

The moment I started studying Psychology and Psychotherapy I discovered that I love to read certain books with certain topics. This is how my reading journey began and it has changed my life ever since.

Now I realised I love reading so much that I could actually write about it. So my intention is to journal my experience reading certain books and how they change my life in real time. 

The book I have chosen for 2020 is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

The way this book was brought to my attention is profound and full of meaning.

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