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Hi! I'm Natalia

Welcome into my magical space!

Here is a little bit about myself.


I have failed many times in life. And not just in one area of life, but in most: financially, emotionally, personally, in relationships, professionally. Not only once my life changed for the ‘worst’ and I thought I will never get out of there. 

Oh well, here I am today. I did get out every time. I also learned a few things along the way. 

In this space I am sharing things I learned. If you also ‘failed’ in life or ever felt like a failure, I invite you to spend some time in here. Maybe by the end of it you will realize you never actually failed, but you have learned what life is about. You have learned how to get up every time and how to turn every obstacle into an opportunity. 


A few things I have learned so far on this journey called life:

• an obstacle is an obstacle until I turn it into an opportunity 

• every lesson was needed for my next step in my journey (for the next lesson)

• every lesson repeats itself (in different shapes or forms) until I have actually learned it

• the Universe doesn’t throw all this at me, instead it gives it to me - it’s a present 

• how to take my time to heal and understand what I could have done differently 

• how not to blame myself too much. Cause in the end it transforms in pity and it's just no fun

• there is something greater in this life that orchestrates everything. I now listen to the beat and learn how to dance on it

• the Universe speaks a language just as you and me speak English. This language is being taught every second of every day. It's what I call Mattera. I am dedicating my life to learning this language because I want to create a life beyond my wildest dreams 

• my biggest enemies were my own limiting beliefs that were no longer needed. I learned how to get rid of them and choose new healthy beliefs as tools to create the life I have today and that I love

• as long as I will not be true to myself I will not be able to be true to others. That’s just the way it is

• the Universe speaks frequencies. I learn the frequencies and how tune in. That’s the only way to do less and have more

• the Universe is gifting us every day with infinite wisdom, but do we have the eyes and openness to see it? 

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