Have the courage to express the feminine beauty inside of you.
You are gorgeous.


You know you are beautiful but you don't act like it?

Do you make yourself small so others around you feel comfortable?

Are you afraid of taking all the space and attention you need as a woman?

It's time for change

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just want to wear your beauty with attitude.

feel you made yourself small for too long so others will feel comfortable around you.

are curious to see what kind of woman you will be if you owned your inner feminine power.

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Hi! I’m Natalia,

An Integrative Psychotherapist. I help women connect to their inner feminine energy and create a beautiful life.

This is my purpose and passion. This is what I feel called to do in this life. I see so many women struggling to create a beautiful life without connecting to their inner feminine energy that represents their power. Why waste such an amazing gift?

Most women feel there is something more inside of them but they just don’t know how to access this power and beauty.

Connecting to your inner feminine energy is one powerful key to creating and attracting a beautiful life.

My life’s energy has completely transformed from one that felt rigid and tight, to flow.
— Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth G.

Entrepreneur, New York

Through working with Natalia, I shifted my relationship to my life from one of fear and (trying to) control, to surrender and trust. My life's energy has completely transformed from one that felt rigid and tight, to flow. In this new way, things just work out, but better than that, every day there are new and wonderful surprises! 

For me, it was truly a gift to grow and develop without over relying on intellectual analysis, but a combination and integration of deeper spiritual awareness, and intellectual work as well. Working in this way has led to more subtle, and real shifts in my life. Natalia's a special and unique force to meet. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any woman feeling pulled to connect with her own innate wisdom and inner guidance. 

The Art Of Being A Woman

Takes you on a journey of discovering your inner and outer beauty and empowers you to enjoy and use this gift.

Unlocks all your blockages that keep you away from using all your inner feminine power.

Helps you let go of fear and step into courage to express who you really are as a woman.


free yourself

Walk like you mean it. Talk like you mean it. Dance like you mean it. Love like you mean it.


the taste of your body

Embrace your imperfections as uniquenesses. Shape your mind. Shape your word. Shape your action. Shape your body. 

Be love

Married or single, it doesn't matter. Children or no children, it doesn't matter. You are the most important person in your life.


This is why women in the past used to make themselves beautiful the moment they woke up. This was the habit of the queens. (1).jpg
By the end of our journey together, I experienced a spiritual awakening that has changed me in the most profound and empowering way.
— Gina T.
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Gina T.


Artist - Florida

Working with Natalia has been one of the most magical experiences in my life. Upon our first meeting, I immediately felt connected to Natalia and was attracted to her amazing confidence and high intellect. I was intrigued by her work and I believed that she could be the perfect woman to guide me through the inner work that needed to be done.

I thought that I was a spiritual person before we began our sessions but it became very apparent that I had no idea of my power and the vastness of pure spirituality. Through my sessions with Natalia, I learned that everything is spiritual - money, relationships, health, etc. - and that the key to unlocking my power in all of these areas is through spiritual practice.

By the end of our journey together, I experienced a spiritual awakening that has changed me in the most profound and empowering way. I am so grateful that the universe led me to Natalia and I feel like every woman needs a guide like her. 

Thank you, Natalia, for your gifts and for your passion!!! You are changing the world by changing the lives of women like me. (2).jpg


Dalia M.

Student - London

During The Art Of Being A Woman sessions I came to understand that it is our resistance of love that keeps us in the dark and we stay stuck in patterns that keep us from evolving. Releasing the old mind pattern and replacing it to a new one takes practice and I am beyond grateful to Natalia for helping me surrender my oneself to the universe and get my freedom from fear and anxiety.

When I began to accept my power and be in union with the energy of the universe, my life started to flow naturally, incredible synchronicity presented and I experienced safety and security.

Today I no longer resist my feminine power and emotions, having faith that the loving energy of the universe is available to me all the time.

Today I no longer resist my feminine power and emotions.
— Dalia M.
It’s a magical process.
— Mara T.

Mara T.

Film Director - London

The Art Of Being A Woman is one of the best things I did for myself and Natalia is one of the most gifted and inspiring people I know. I truly believe in her great talent of seeing through people. If you are looking to either heal your heart, define your goals or create a life beyond old limitations, I highly recommend Mattera - The Art Of Being A Woman.

At the end of each session, you feel like you took an amazing journey into your inner world. And it brought you closer to your true self. It's a magical process and I am grateful to Natalia for sharing her compassionate wisdom.

You should expect your life to never be the same again!
— Mihaela D.
Mihaela D.jpg

Mihaela D.

Resort Manager - Bucharest

The Art Of Being A Woman opened new doors in my life. It helped me realise that my inner self is my priority. 

In a society that influences our appearance, thoughts and actions we forget who we are, what we want or what we really enjoy doing. 

During The Art Of Being A Woman  journey, Natalia helped me rediscover myself as a woman and made me feel empowered to change my life and be the woman I really want to be.

I highly recommend you to Embark on The Art Of Being A Woman journey and let Natalia guide you on the way of inner self discovery. You should expect your life to never be the same again!